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I design, program stuff, drive, love, watch movies, drink, cook, read, travel.

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About the design and program bit

By chance, thanks to a very old friend of mine, I started doing web design. What came of it first… let me just say: it ain’t pretty. Years later (8, to be exact), though, I can competently design user experience and have the skill to actually develop it from the back to the front end. I guess that’s where tinkering gets you. If you want the in-depth description, this is what you want to read.

For my own pleasure, I develop apps that rarely get to see the light of day. Usually, they either serve some need I have (be it only for testing some new service or trying a technique) or help me streamline client work.

I get the same pleasure from the freelance work I do as Marius Marinescu (m~), but is also paid. No Porsche yet. Soon, but not yet.

The Colophone

This little thing? It’s developed with WordPress and about 15 plugins. Want the long description? Knock yourself out.

Titles are various flavors of Chaparral. I’m a sucker for slabs, especially this one. I’d set just about anything in it. Plus it’s a comfortably large family so no need for backup in difficult situations. The text is… Actually, if you don’t know what this is set in, you probably don’t care anyway.

On the subject of miscellany

First things first: I loathe Facebook. It’s not that I don’t get it, I just prefer doing other things. Like clipping my nails. Or my cat‘s nails (don’t really have a cat). That being said, I do have some contact with the outside world (believe it or not). Namely:

  • I try to help by answering questions on stackoverflow (too much of a rabbit hole)
  • I participate in the growing network of designers and developers that is forrst (acquired)
  • Almost every track I listen to, love or have is listed on
  • A travelogue of sorts is on dopplr (no idea what happened there)
  • What I find of interest is listed on
  • All my photo browsing & uploading needs are served by
  • What I share out of the 100 plus feeds I read on a daily basis can be found at Google Reader (was “sundowned”)

Everything is aggregated by the lifestream RSS you can subscribe to right here. Actually, for those who are into that all that 140 characters madness, all of it is pushed to twitter.

There’s also an aStore for your reading pleasure developed on top of Amazon’s Associates Program. More on the development process here.

Let’s talk, why not

If, for one reason or another, you need to contact me, my email address is the same as this site’s address, except you replace the first dot with the @ sign.