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  1. On meta

    On freezing. On having so much inspiration you overflow. Until you have to transcribe it into actual words. And then you have nothing. Except for that annoying need to finish what you – think you – started.

  2. Tumblr’s Fumble

    On how the experience of setting up a new Tumblr blog is far from pleasant. No matter how great Tumblr’s service is – and I’m sure it is -, abandoned blogs and Tumblr’s own signup process make finding a custom URL a nightmare.

  3. Tropo’s Vocal Interface

    What if you can develop a voice activated interface using an API in your favorite programming language for free? I just couldn’t resist the temptation to make one of those annoying synthesized voices do something useful for a change using Tropo’s API.

  4. Here’s Your Token

    In which I’m a smart-ass and complain about my short and unpleasant experience with Technorati. I submitted this here blog and, unexpectedly, took about 40 minutes to do it.

  5. So You Do Web Design

    Filed in Words

    What’s a web designer and developer supposed to do professionally? It’s the one where I talk about what I do for a living and I use a lot of acronyms.